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Multifamily Investments

Multifamily Investment Opportunities

We buy Multifamily Apartments that produce income. We manage the property and provide our investors with a safe place to invest their money.  We help our investors achieve investment returns by providing them cashflow each month while we wait for the best time to sell. We take care of everything and what we do before, during and after the deal is what makes us unique.


Investment Criteria

Target Markets: Arizona, North Carolina, Indianapolis, Ohio, Tennesee, Virginia, Missouri

We are cash on cash buyers deliverying yield to investors. Ideal assets are occupied at acquisition with rents below market.  We look for opportunities to increase the value of the property through capital improvements in deferred maintenance, improving common area amenities and upgrading the unit interiors. The typical renovation costs $3,000 – $7,500 per unit.

  • – Garden Style, Mid rise Multifamily
  • – B to B+ Asset Class
  • – B+ to A location
  • – 75 – 1,500 units. Single property or porftolios
  • – $5M- $100M
  • – Cash to seller, assumptions on case by case
  • Growth Opportunities

    We believe in long-term value-add opportunities.

  • Experienced Due Diligence

    The best service we provide to our investors is the Real Estate we don’t buy.

  • Strong Asset Management

    We blend the money eyes and real estate eyes to achieve high investment returns

  • Experienced Property Management

    People are the last real competitive advantage.

Contact us

We’re here to help in anything you need. Call us on below number.

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Multifamily Investment Education

Most Multifamily investment trainers will only focus on the acquisition. We focus on the total investment cycle of the Multifamily investment. You need to understand the full dimension of the Multifamily business so you can identify the right deals.

It’s About Staying Rich, not Getting Rich

We teach you the business of Multifamily, show you the trends of where the industry is heading so you can acquire income-producing Multifamily investments that create a legacy for you and your clients.

Multifamily Expert Educators

The best service we provide our owners is the deals we don’t buy.

Income producing Multifamily asset require a unique approach to achieve investment objectives. Our core focus on asset we acquire are:

  • – Add value with capital improvements
  • – Reduce expense with strong financial asset management
  • – Reinvision the resident experience with innovative business offerings
  • Identify a Good Deal

    Learn how to identify the right deal for your investment objectives.

  • Maximize Your Return

    Multifamily income producing assets can increase in value with forced appreciation. Learn proven strategies to increase cash flow over time.

  • Fast Track Your Success

    Fast track your success with access to our network of proven Multifamily investments. Learn from top leaders who have transacted north of 1.2 Billion in assets.

A Founders Approach

Our company takes a “founder’s approach” to real estate investment and management, a culture wherein every member of our team is focused on creating value and devising practical solutions to resolve issues and/or enhance cash flow.